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Death Industry throws curveball after curveball.

Death Industry is a mixture of electro, hard rock, metal, and industrial. The sole member Marcel Pyron, born in Germany, writes all lyrics, plays all instruments, and does all the production. Marcel use an Ibanez sound gear bass, Galveston and Ibanez guitar, Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone, Alesis Q25 Midi keyboard, and a Microkorg synth keyboard. His principle Software consists of: Sony Acid 7.0, FL Studio 10, Sonivox, Waves, and many other plugins.

About a month ago we reviewed Death Industry’s single , “Wearing Scar Tissue”, a sizzling amalgamation of industrial, electro and metal, based off great song crafts consisting of heavy riffs, pulsing electronic beats and textures, and energetic, non-robotic drumming.

All-round, Death Industry’s tracks are stellar; from start to finish it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen. A few major things that set Marcel Pyron and his Death Industry project apart from a lot of other bands, is the song structure and elements added.

I am a very big fan of thinking outside the box, and I love a band that will deviate from standard song structures.  Throughout the songs, from “Romancing The Dead” and “So Far Away” to “Process Of Elimination”, Death Industry throws curveball after curveball. Just when you think you know where a song is going, he moves on to something else. This makes the songs a very interesting and unpredictable listening experience, and I enjoy that very much.

My next major point is the elements added. Pretty much every song has memorable electronic elements in it, and they are used very well. The instrumentation and electronics blend amazingly well, and they make these songs stand out from other bands with synths, computers and guitars.

All of these elements are ever-present in the standout track – “Romancing The Dead”, a sweeping epic of high-tech industrial madness. On this track, Death Industry delivers perfect intensity and experiments with plenty of gizmos to boot, that will envelop your mind into a trance with its hypnotic riffs and beats.

Death Industry never truly repeats a sound, and thankfully so. Instead, his taken what he has learned and expanded on it, experimented, torn it apart, and rebuilt it into something always better than before. And this is why he never ceases to impress us. So it’s not just the ear-grinding, electro-industrial sound of the tracks, but there is something new, something more complex, something greater. This mind-blowing, ass-kicking music, ferociously executed!

This music is not meant for those with short attention spans who want sweet melody and cute chord progressions. It’s meant for those who want it loud, hard, and most of all absorbing. This is supposed to beat you up and wear you down; exactly what Death Industry does

Marcel Pyron aka Death Industry is compelling listening and bashes you in the head with his musical mantra. If you’re new to the industrial metal genre of music, all I can say is that this is essential in your collection. Truly epic and memorable, instrumental killer jams, that need to be cranked up all the way!

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