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Talented producer and artist Luca  Draccar releases ‘No Sometimes Yes’

Posted January 27, 2020 by Peter Burns in Headlines

Based out of Berlin, the talented producer and artist Luca  Draccar rises to unimaginable heights with a new EP titled ‘No Sometimes Yes’. Luca Draccar embellishes his Italian roots by creating tailored electronic compositions that quench the thirst of those looking for a daring musical experience.

‘No Sometimes Yes’ is comprised of four rhythmically brisk techno tracks with dark but alluring overtones. The production is exceptional. Each track embellishes a cinematic adventure that encompasses powerful drum patterns and an array of exotic sounds. Luca Draccar creates a sonic portrait that pulls the listener into another world. ‘No Sometimes Yes’ by Luca Draccar is always the best answer for devotees of electronica.

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