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Bruce Baker – “I Am Your Healer” – a dynamic musical ambiance which transcends genres

Posted June 22, 2020 by Peter Burns in Headlines

Bruce Baker was 12 years old when he wrote his first song, entitled People Do It Everyday”. He was attending Progress Village Elementary at the time, and this was just the beginning for him. At age 15 the young singer recognized that he was called by God to minister in the anointing of melody when he entered into a church singing contest and won. As he got older Bruce struggled with eating disorders, family issues and drug addictions that seemed like it would take his life. “I was addicted to drugs for 10 years, but God delivered me from Heroin and Cocaine and here I am today,” says the singer-songwriter. “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Both of them have been completely healed by the healing power of God,” he concludes.

Bruce Baker

Bruce Baker brings the single, “I Am Your Healer” to life, after being in ministry for 12 years. “I see God as the Great Physician. He can heal your mind, your body, your finances, your drug addictions, and so much more,” says Bruce. “Through this song I hope others can see Him through my eyes and regain confidence that it is not over and the best is yet to come.”

“I Am Your Healer” is a big track at a time when it seems that producers and record executives seem eager to liquefy music – and especially music made by black artists – down to a size where it can be diluted in a bowl of dirty water.

Most of the complaints listeners have about genres geared toward the urban demographic, is that so much of the music seems so shallow – shallow thematically, shallow artistically, and shallow creatively. Values aspiring to make commercially appetizing music, rather than aspiring to strive for greatness may be the root of this shallowness – but some listeners have begun noticing.

Bruce Baker has no time for shallowness. From beginning to end, “I Am Your Healer” is as deep and powerful as the God that all the members of Bruce’s family have so relished in.

This is the type of record that legendary mainstream, secular writers and producers would have created if they worshipped the Lord, and specialized in praising Him. Bruce ensures that his listeners won’t have to wait long to be surrounded by the wall of beautiful sound and inspiring words.

I Am Your Healer

The track kicks off with a poignant piano intro, allowing Bruce to slide in gently with his soul-searching voice. The power in “I Am Your Healer” comes from Bruce Baker’s nuanced vocals, the tight, building instrumentation, and the inspiring narrative:

“When you have gave all that you can give, and there is nothing left for you to get. When you have prayed all that you can pray, and the intercession you have made somehow seems to be delayed. Just remember these words that I say. I am your Healer, your precious Redeemer. A very present help, in the midst of the storm.”

The musical artistry of this project is ultra-excellent. The ballad styled orchestration offers a rich blend of R&B, pop and rock flavors to the track, allowing Bruce Baker to flow with his distinctive vocals in a dynamic musical ambiance which transcends genres. Don’t be surprised if this soulful, infectious tune makes the rounds of smash hit cuts this year.



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