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Hi there! I’m Valerie aka Valty, and I write my songs in Moscow, Russia. I love listening to English and German music that’s why I use both of these languages in creating my own sound. The song “More” is my 10th single. This time I wanted to make something really light, relaxing and enjoyable. So I started to write the lyrics to the beat I found at the “Beatstars” website and now I got the sound that I wanted to have!

This song tells a story about the couple whose feelings unexpectedly turned into emptiness. They don’t understand what they should do with it, trying to find something new but nothing changes. All they know is that there won’t be “more” in their love story.

The best description of this song I found in the words from the book “Love lasts three years” by Frédéric Beigbeder: “Love ends when you can’t go back. So comes the realization: the water is quietly flowing under bridges, we don’t understand each other, we broke up and have not noticed how”.

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