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The Ruthless World Of Randy Ichinose: “All Pilots At The Ready”

The Ep All Pilots At The Ready by  The Ruthless World Of Randy Ichinose is influenced by Shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine and Emo bands like I Hate Myself and Sunny Day Real Estate. The Ep was released on the 5th of Oct...

Barrett Clark “The Horizon Is Only The Limit Of Your Sight” Ep Artwork

This is a split Ep shared between Yousuke Watanabe (Japanese post-rock music producer) and Barclay & Ichinose (Italian rock duo) released under the Japanese independent label bluehandvein. The Ep will be a mix of post...


Muscle ‘n Flo: Friend or Foe

The bright red, yellow and white among the otherwise gray and black illustration really make this cover pop. Being so jam-packed with characters and scenes, this cover will likely be looked at over and over again by the owner.

Gallows: Belly of the Shark

The superb color palette, fine details and strokes make this artwork a pleasure to look at. Certainly one of the more inspirational covers.

Hard-Fi: Once Upon a Time in the West

This is a clever and rather cheeky cover. The big “No Cover Art” typography could easily be mistaken for the album’s title, but it isn’t. Other than that, a great minimalist idea.

Norma Jean: O’ God the Aftermath

Norma Jean, another hardcore metal band, uses graffitied war-style letters (typewriter typography) to make a rather awesome design. The handwritten type and doodle finish off the textured piece nicely.

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