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Mark Adams Son Of Bill: “Living in the Shit Age” – razor sharp, and appropriately noisy!

One part distortion, one part melody, and two parts face-melting guitars. “Living in the Shit Age” is a very uncomplicated album, with only really having guitar, bass, drums and vocals throughout. That’s the way it should...

New York Based Fabio Bertagnolli embraces a postmodern aesthetic without separation from traditional fundamentals

Fabio Bertagnolli is an award-winning New York Based music composer for concert, film and multimedia applications. As a teenager Fabio played trombone for the local community band in his then hometown in Northern Italy. After e...

AnandL: “Read Receipt” – exhibiting authenticity, smoothness, and soulfulness

Anand Lakshminarayan aka AnandL, an alumnus of UC Berkeley, who graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science says his main interest is in music. Since last year’s “Throwback Covers” playl...

Nick Nittoli From Bravo’s Platinum Hit Fame Lands A Song With Snoop Dogg

Nick Nittoli is an up and coming songwriter who has managed to have a prolific record of late. Not many lyricists are given the due recognition which they deserve but Nick is clearly working his way toward achieving his share o...

Sophis: Love or Deja Vu? (feat. Jacques Wilkens) – embraces instrumental eloquence and a genuinely joyous state of body and mind!

It truly looks as if the revival of electro and dance genres that embrace instrumental eloquence and a genuinely joyous state of body and mind is indeed going on strong in safe hands with artists like Sophis. Love or Deja Vu? (...

Ryan Helman: “Bowl Of Something” – everything is tight, polished, and professional!

Ryan Helman is a British born singer-songwriter, from Harrow .He is widely known for his distinct late 70s guitar sounding music. With influences from The Beatles, The Kinks, Four Seasons, Chas n Dave, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, ...

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