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KEI-SHON-SON Is Back With: “I Cant Call It”

A while back we reviewed, rapper KEI-SHON-SON, front man of the collective Hiphop project, “Tha SleepWalkers” with his “Sub-Conscience” mixtape. KEI-SHON-SON started out at the tender age of 15, when he then pur...

Al Burrell: “My Promise – Vol.1”

Al Burrell is an enigma of sorts; one that I do not believe is by design. A left-click onto his Bandcamp page will take you to a very minimal landing page, with a white background, black text, and not much else. Even the album ...



Ryan Caskey is an alternative-rock recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Guitarist Ryan teamed up with producer Eddie Hedges to record “AUTOMATIC,” his third full-length album, which is now available on iTunes....

Arika Kane: “Substance” – Sleek R&B!

Arika Kane has sailed into the music industry collecting fans & successes since the release of her first single, “Bcuz I Luv U” in 2009. With passionate lyrics,infectious harmonies & soothing instrumentation, “Nos...

RAHAT: A Seraph’s Gift

Born in Bangladesh and raised in the Bronx, Rahat is a hip hop artist who firmly believes in controlling the fate of his own music by serving as a one man army to promote himself and manage his own career. Having fallen in with...

JENN-JENN Releases Single For The Pat Summitt Foundation!

JENN-JENN has released a Hip Hop tribute song to honor the legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt entitled “We Back Pat” on on May 08, 2012. Proceeds from “We Back Pat” will be donated to the Pat Summitt Foundation to h...

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