Independent Performing Scorecards


Country Rock

Andy May: “Retroflections” – The Emotion and Heart Americana!

By his 20th birthday in 1969, Andy May had played Carnegie Hall and had won the Grand Championship on guitar at the fabled Union Grove, NC, Fiddler’s Convention World Championship, having won First Runner-Up the previous ...


Matt Bowlin: A Wonderful Cohesion Of Rock, Folk and Country

Influenced by a steady diet of country music by the late Waylon Jennings, American Icon, Willie Nelson, Texas balladeer George Strait and a hint of the innovative Jim Croce, Matt Bowlin’s booming baritone voice fuses the soun...


Free From Gravity: “The Long Road” Fighting and Overcoming Critical Illness

Free From Gravity is led by Vince Barnes (Lead Vocals) and his personal agenda shows through the intimate and often heart-warming songs and lyrics. For the recording of his album, he was joined by top notch musicians like A...


Howlin’ Alan: “Back To Plan A,” A Delight To The Ears, Mind, Body And Spirit

Howlin’ Alan is singer/songwriter artist who doesn’t abide by musical boundaries. Thus, he has created a new musical genre he calls, ‘Country Rock Americana Pop (acronym not indicative)’. This special blend also h...


Post Trauma: “Sleepless” A Gamut Of Country Rock Emotions

Anyone who went through the 70’s in a haze, can rejoice because the music that carried you through is back again, courtesy of Post Trauma, the country rock band from Fullerton,CA. Billy Ulrich (vocals, guitars, harmonica...


Bobby Bofman: The “American Poet” Album Review

Singer–Songwriter Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago. As a young boy, Bobby would sit and listen to the stories of an old homeless man that lived in the alley behind his grandfather’s dry cleaning ...

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