Independent Performing Scorecards


Electronic Rock

Elephant 12: “Sold Out” Magnificent, Crunching Modern Rock Arrangements

Elephant 12 originate in the depths of London,England. The three piece, known for their highly energetic performances and quirky fusion of unapologetic punk rock laced with a magnetic electro bass lines. Quickly becoming the t...


BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT: “Nebula” featuring DAX a Throbbing Slice of Electro Darkness

Artist, composer and producer of melodic music in all its forms, BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT has always been in love with every kind of music, since he was a little child, when he would use his Walkman to listen to cassettes and the...


Afrokeys: “The Jovian Nomad” – Bursting Through The Seams

Afrokeys is Erick Anderson. A composer, producer, keyboardist, and a former member of the alternative Hiphop band, Atmosphere from Minneapolis. The album,“The Jovian Nomad,” was created while Erick was on tour wit...


CRYSAND: “Never Like A Dreamer”

Crysand are a new band that was created in 2011 by two experienced musicians, Andrea Iannello e Cristiano Grifoni, who have played many tours and have made various recordings prior to this experience. Their music is a mix of ep...

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