Independent Performing Scorecards



David Justin: “Supernova” – The Perfectly Crafted Indie Pop Song!

If it’s true that the magnitude of an artist can also be judged by the company they keep , then David Justin is already one step ahead of the rest, glancing through the crew that’s been working on his “Supernova” projec...


Mechanism Quintet – A Distinctive Flavor That Sounds Like Little Else In Modern Music!

Mechanism Quintet is one of those little bands that seeps in under the pop radar, and are able to become a sensation based on pure talent. Running through the recorded show at Epic Studios you notice how the band produces music...


Paul Leion: “When You Do,” Fuses A Rich Tapestry Of Sounds

Paul Leion  is an English singer/songwriter, pianist, composer, arranger and record producer. Paul was born in Enfield, North London, to Cypriot parents. Leion recalls that by the time18 months old he was obsessed with the mov...


BONSON BERNER: “Passport” Depth, Complexity and Always More to Discover

Bonson Berner evolved from the remnants of Siga la Flecha (Follow the Arrow) – an eclectic project that started in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lisandro Aloi – Pato(under the pseudonyms Bonson Berner and Masmore Larueda for SLF...


Erica Bronwyn Delivers Poetic Imagery and Uplifting Honesty

Emerging Brisbane singer-songwriter Erica Bronwyn chose Easterfest 2013 to launch her much anticipated independently released debut album, Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a collection of original tracks featuring Erica’s uniq...


EVOLETAH: ‘We ache for the Moon’ a Beautiful Web of Sound and Emotion

Formed in 2005, the Australian band, EVOLETAH released their debut mini album, ‘Fool’s Errand’ in early 2008. Their follow up release in 2009, ‘Evaporating’, garnered exceptional critical acclaim ...

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