Independent Performing Scorecards



Lenny Gerard: “City Feet” – a Blissful Mix of Intense Ballads and Infectious Upbeat Numbers!

Lenny Gerard is a driven, charismatic and passionate artist with a unique feel. Hailing from New York City, he managed to seize the town’s eclectic music scene. His sound showcases a lot of talent and versatility: Lenny emb...


Parrish: “Love in High Places” Gets Off To Flying Start!

Love in High Places by Parrish (Mark Parrish) features powerful pop anthems and intimate ballads, led by a signature soulful female voice and personable and relatable lyrics. The songs on are anchored by the powerful vocals and...


J Marie: “A New Beginning” Knocking On The Door Of A Great Career

Within only two summers J Marie has been featured on “BET’s Blaze the Stage”, one the largest festivals, AFRAM, with over 40,000 in attendance, shared numerous stages throughout the Tri-state such as National Mall of Wash...


Tyler Noel: “Remedy”, Could Easily Be An Instant Club Hit!

A native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tyler Noel began singing at the tender age of five in the church choir. At the age of 12, Noel began her professional music career when she joined the girl group, Solo Tre. The group was si...


Gisele Anthony Delivers Her Trademark Forceful Vocal Performances…And Then Some!

Gisele Anthony is a vocalist, songwriter and storyteller. She is a native New Yorker now residing in South Carolina. Gisele is scored in elements of Soul, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Gospel, World and Classical music to create the symp...


IDRISE Contributes To The New Generation Of Music With High Hopes And No Fear!

Pop music has found yet another amazing sensation. Meet Idrise, a pop and R&B artist from California. “I am working hard to make my dreams come true and tour all over the world someday, affecting millions with my musi...

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