Independent Performing Scorecards



Radio Drive: ‘A Taste of Heaven’ -Passion, Talent and Professionalism

Radio Drive is a blend of alternative rock music with influences from The Beatles, U2 and Coldplay. With the release of 4 independent CDs Kevin Gullickson, as Radio Drive has received rave reviews, radio play both online and o...


Leo Bor’s UNIVERSO: Great Variety and Instrumental Prowess!

UNIVERSO is a Brazilian band led by Leo Bor, the founder and producer of the project. The band’s sound ranges from Pop to Rock and even hints towards R&B, Blues and Metal. Universo consists of (for recordings): Leo Bor...


Mechanism Quintet – A Distinctive Flavor That Sounds Like Little Else In Modern Music!

Mechanism Quintet is one of those little bands that seeps in under the pop radar, and are able to become a sensation based on pure talent. Running through the recorded show at Epic Studios you notice how the band produces music...


Quarterly Reports of the American Meat Institute: Genuine Hick -Mentally Sick

And now for something completely different. Have you ever listened to the band Naked City or the self-titled album Mr. Bungle? The band Genuine Hick sounds nothing like that. However in the vein of such disjointed flowing melod...


UNIVERSO – The Album Has Magic All Over It!

The Brazilian group UNIVERSO are a powerful combination of Rock and Pop. Universo doesn’t hold back in the least with their music. Putting all their emotion and passion on full display, Universo uses harmony, melody and ...


“Turn Down The Radio” Demonstrates That EM WEEKS has an Incredibly Bright Future Ahead

Em Weeks is a young songwriter that has been writing since she was 14 and has attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts song writing program as well as Berklee College of music. This past year she was chosen by the Grammy Found...

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