Independent Performing Scorecards



Award Winning VICES AND ADULATION Deliver Gothic Rock!

Vices and Adulation was founded in 2013, West Midlands singer, Lucy-may Upton, is a published poet, highly skilled artist and is entirely self-trained. The musician of the band is Fabian Upton. He has not studied music but play...


Polite Fiction: “Portrait” A Touch Of Refreshing Class

Travis has been creating original and cover music for over 6 years, and previously had two self-produced acoustic albums to his name as well, but his latest EP was his first foray into professional producing. The sound achieved...


CORVUS STONE Blend Many Genres To Form An Incredible Album

Corvus Stone is the new project by members of other prog artists Bun Chakeze who released “Whose Dream?” in 2010. Guitarist Colin Tench returns with Corvus Stone, playing guitars, and he is joined by Pasi Koivu who ...


Old Lava: “Animalythical” Sonic Intensity And Beauty

Old Lava is a 3 piece rock band from Syracuse, who by their own admission play “strangely tuned guitars, primal drums, xylophones, accordions, and keyboards.” The have both a female in Amy Ann Steele and a male singer in Sc...


Kiki: “Sugar Daddy” Fired-Up, Naughty and Serious!

Kiki, who’s first single, “Sugar Daddy (I Don’t Like It)” was co-written, produced and played by Alex Mark Scott and Ruben LW Bellucca, was born in Lodi (Milan, Italy) and grew up in a humble family living in a litt...


Chaos Theory: Awesome Power, Raw Energy And Great Musicianship

Chaos Theory, is fronted by singer/songwriter Rock Johnson, who along with members Lex Coulstring (guitar/vocals), Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), Tim Garagan (bass) and Craig Brown (drums) complete this melodic rock and alternat...

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