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“Turn Down The Radio” Demonstrates That EM WEEKS has an Incredibly Bright Future Ahead

Em Weeks is a young songwriter that has been writing since she was 14 and has attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts song writing program as well as Berklee College of music. This past year she was chosen by the Grammy Found...


Paul Koudouris: “Twenty-Something” An Imaginative And Inspired Album!

Paul Koudouris, who hails from San Antonio – TX, is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Paul studied music and theatre at Point Park Universities Conservatory Program and Regents College London earn...


Matthew Heller Blends Gritty Rock With Intensely Heartfelt Americana Roots

Matthew Heller grew up on a small farm in Portland, Oregon. He started writing songs on piano at age ten, and has traveled across the country playing at rallies, protests, cafes and bars. Matthew’s self-titled album is ab...


DYLAN LOCK: A Sure Sense Of Melody And Songcraft

Dylan Lock is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who discovered a passion for music at a young age and was instinctively drawn to the sound of the piano. Influenced by icons such as Queen, Burton Cummings, Bob Seger,...


AXEL MANSOOR: “The Inside Voices” – Substance, Depth, Enjoyability!

Axel Mansoor says that his current mission is to bring back the glory of the acoustic guitar in the college music scene. He continues:“Electro and all its variants are seemingly everywhere, but I want to prove that the ac...


PATRICK DWYER: “Scarecrow” And Other Rare Talents!

In pursuit of a music career, Patrick Dwyer made the move to Los Angeles and instantly found supporters of his work. Howie Klein, music mogul and former president of Warner Bros./Reprise Records, quickly took notice of Patrick&...

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