Independent Performing Scorecards



Sarantos: “We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve” – examines emotional abuse

In his career, Sarantos has affronted many serious themes on love and relationships through his vast catalog of songs. For his latest release, he looks at the terrible theme of domestic abuse under its various guises, adding an...


Junichi Arima: “23 Summit Ave – In Your Ear” – Thoughtful, beautiful, emotive and well-produced.

Berklee College of Music awarded Junichi the merit-based World Tour Scholarship. Junichi Arima is a young extraordinary bassist, composer and educator who has already made a big name for himself on the East Coast and in Japan. ...


Sarantos: “Let’s Call It Love” -The warmth of a unique, tender and laid-back style

Sarantos is at his best when his complex melodic ideas are designed to slowly seep into your sub-conscious Successfully releasing yet another song from his upcoming debut album, Sarantos Melogia continues to juggle his busy sch...


David Justin: “Supernova” – The Perfectly Crafted Indie Pop Song!

If it’s true that the magnitude of an artist can also be judged by the company they keep , then David Justin is already one step ahead of the rest, glancing through the crew that’s been working on his “Supernova” projec...


Lenny Gerard: “City Feet” – a Blissful Mix of Intense Ballads and Infectious Upbeat Numbers!

Lenny Gerard is a driven, charismatic and passionate artist with a unique feel. Hailing from New York City, he managed to seize the town’s eclectic music scene. His sound showcases a lot of talent and versatility: Lenny emb...


Don’t Deprive Yourself of The Amazing Talent of Jade Elizabeth Taylor!

A couple of months ago we got a first glimpse of the songstress Jade Elizabeth Taylor and her CD “Shades of Jade”  which she started recording in 2006 at Ridgetop Studios with Keith Greeninger and Tim Prince, and mirac...

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