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A&L: “So Sorry” – an authentic rock track!

“So Sorry” is the 10th single release by the two seasoned industry professionals – Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, better known as the chart-topping indie outfit A&L.  “After the success of our last single We ...

A&L: “We Are Love” is packed with listener-friendly elements

A&L is releasing their 8th single “We Are Love”. The Britpop-styled song celebrates diversity, acceptance and love. “We hope to share a positive message that we feel is needed in today’s high-strung world,&#...


A&L: “Onto the Next Heart” – energetic, sophisticated and nuanced rock n’ roll

A&L is a new act made up of two seasoned industry professionals: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie. Anthony is a 20 year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, been featured in major m...