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BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT: ‘Another Dimension’ Whimsical and Powerful All In One

BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT the Italian music artist, composer and producer of electronically produced melodic music is back with a new release, after his last critically acclaimed single Nebula ft. Dax. BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT who...


Wubbles Delivers Nothing But Awesome Electronica!

Wubbles is the name for new producer Jim Dwyer coming from New Jersey and throwing some hot club bangers down on the east coast coming from nowhere. According to Jim Dwyer, Wubbles is his new guise for channeling his musical en...


woodrowgerber: “In the Beginning” An Incredible Album!

Chad Gerber (aka woodrowgerber) is an American guitarist/songwriter/producer/composer/vocalist from Los Angeles, CA who has released several studio albums under different bands, labels, and project titles since 1998. Chad has t...