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Slim Loris: “Down To Earth”

Slim Loris is a band from Stockholm, Sweden that mixes sixties pop/rock with Indie, Americana and a pinch of Swedish melancholy. The band formed in 2009 from the remnants of two indie acts, and quickly released a debut CD ent...

Don Henley to Sue Hip-Hop Star?

Rocker Don Henley has threatened to sue hip-hop star Frank Ocean over his use of the Eagles classic Hotel California in a new tune. The Odd Future star sampled the popular tune on his track American Wedding and he has performed...



Launched in August 2006, Sellaband has been making efforts to bring in revolution in the music industry. The website was launched by the veterans of music companies, which include Johan Vosmeijer, Pim Betist, and Dagmar Heijman...



Many musicians have discovered a world of potential through the internet. The virtual stage gives lesser known artists a place to grow and become something more. Bandcamp is another tool in the musician’s arsenal. This applic...


Sean Cooney – “The Last Thing I Heard Before The Zombie Apocalypse”

Sean Cooney, a DC native now living in NYC, attended AMDA to study for Broadway shows and has also played in many professional Jazz bands. His trained voice seems even more at home belting out pop songs as he employs it’s cry...


Hard-Fi: Once Upon a Time in the West

This is a clever and rather cheeky cover. The big “No Cover Art” typography could easily be mistaken for the album’s title, but it isn’t. Other than that, a great minimalist idea.



Norma Jean: O’ God the Aftermath

Norma Jean, another hardcore metal band, uses graffitied war-style letters (typewriter typography) to make a rather awesome design. The handwritten type and doodle finish off the textured piece nicely.


Pixies: Doolittle

This vintage-style cover art uses rust textures with strong noisy lines and faded photographs to produce an awesome result. The art is a kind of digital collage, mixing stamp lettering with photographs, textures and digital lines.


The Roots: Things Fall Apart

This cover is easily the most emotionally charged in this showcase, with a high-contrast action shot that captures a dramatic moment, fitting the album’s title well.


Bjork: Medulla

All of Bjork’s albums are photographic, and also very minimalist usually with minimal typography, if any at all. The photographs are always incredibly, as is this one, but never quite “perfect”: notice how the model (Bjor...