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“The Rolling Stone” Is The Paradox and The Joy Of CORAL

Coral is a 19-year-old singer-songwriting from Hamilton, New Zealand. Last month, Coral signed to Starlight Records on a two year Global Development deal. She is Starlight Record’s first female artist to be signed by the labe...


Andy May: “Retroflections” – The Emotion and Heart Americana!

By his 20th birthday in 1969, Andy May had played Carnegie Hall and had won the Grand Championship on guitar at the fabled Union Grove, NC, Fiddler’s Convention World Championship, having won First Runner-Up the previous ...


Matt Bowlin: A Wonderful Cohesion Of Rock, Folk and Country

Influenced by a steady diet of country music by the late Waylon Jennings, American Icon, Willie Nelson, Texas balladeer George Strait and a hint of the innovative Jim Croce, Matt Bowlin’s booming baritone voice fuses the soun...


EVOLETAH: ‘We ache for the Moon’ a Beautiful Web of Sound and Emotion

Formed in 2005, the Australian band, EVOLETAH released their debut mini album, ‘Fool’s Errand’ in early 2008. Their follow up release in 2009, ‘Evaporating’, garnered exceptional critical acclaim ...


The Peripherals: “Declarations” The True Beauty Is In The Simplicity

The Peripherals, formed in early 2010 is an American trio whose work is a blend of Folk, Indie Rock and Americana styling. Founding members Omar Musisko and Andrew Thams met while serving as volunteer smoke jumpers for the Cal...