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Young Moors: “R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement)” Today’s Outspoken Social Poets

Young Moors is a hip hop duo, composed of Bliss El and Oone Master El, label mates on S.A. Muzik Group. The group was formed in 2012 in Hampton, Virginia. They are known for their intellectual style, combined with conscious lyr...


Quesfire: “Love Me Hate Me,” Tells It Like It Is!

Quesfire is a two time Underground Music Award Winner, who has been taking the New York music scene by storm. He has also brought his high energy performances to major venues such as S.O.B.S., Webster Hall, and BB Kings. He has...


KEI-SHON-SON: New Video “Let’s Live”

Kei-shon-son is moving his game up real fast, day by day and step by step. He is not leaving anything to chance. The man’s a hard worker. We’ve been following his musical career for a while. Reviewed his album relea...



Trevor Rockwell is a rapper out of Jacksonville, FL, currently based in Atlanta. Previously known as an electronic music DJ, whose the Future Sound of Breaks mix cd was featured in Best Buy and Tower Records. Trevor has also p...