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Boom Kinetic: “Future Colonial” Has A Very Unique Style, Which Stands Out In A Huge Crowd Of Bands

Boom Kinetic started as a conglomeration of musicians from several established Fayetteville, Arkansas bands in order to showcase their skills as performers. Since then they have grown the areas they reach performing in Memphis...


Elizabeth Green Townsend: ‘My King Jesus’ Sticks to the Faith and Leaves the Modern Technicalities at the Door

Elizabeth Green Townsend has been writing and singing for a long time, and started as a child in church. Elizabeth discovered her faith at a young age and says that the song “My King Jesus” is one of the songs the Lord gave...


Andy May: “Retroflections” – The Emotion and Heart Americana!

By his 20th birthday in 1969, Andy May had played Carnegie Hall and had won the Grand Championship on guitar at the fabled Union Grove, NC, Fiddler’s Convention World Championship, having won First Runner-Up the previous ...


Clarissa: “One Love” An Almost Irresistable Dance Formula!

Clarissa has been singing since the tender age of 2. Her mother shares the story of when a next door neighbor overheard Clarissa the toddler singing the national anthem from start to finish. She currently writes songs from her ...


Kiki: “Sugar Daddy” Fired-Up, Naughty and Serious!

Kiki, who’s first single, “Sugar Daddy (I Don’t Like It)” was co-written, produced and played by Alex Mark Scott and Ruben LW Bellucca, was born in Lodi (Milan, Italy) and grew up in a humble family living in a litt...


Dj TREVOR SIMPSON Pushing Towards Mainstream Success!

After nearly a decade as a San Francisco radio presence on-air and in the clubs, Ultra Records tapped into DJ Trevor Simpson – artist, remixer, performer, and World Town Inc. founder – to mix the 2006 compilation ...



Olivier Désir Tackles The Electro-Pop Project “Peelers Sellers”

Mellow down and tune into Peelers Sellers, a music project of the Belgian composer and arranger Olivier Désir. In past projects, Olivier played alongside acts like Etienne De Crécy and Tom Middleton and performed warm-ups for...


IDRISE Contributes To The New Generation Of Music With High Hopes And No Fear!

Pop music has found yet another amazing sensation. Meet Idrise, a pop and R&B artist from California. “I am working hard to make my dreams come true and tour all over the world someday, affecting millions with my musi...


Paul Koudouris: “Twenty-Something” An Imaginative And Inspired Album!

Paul Koudouris, who hails from San Antonio – TX, is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Paul studied music and theatre at Point Park Universities Conservatory Program and Regents College London earn...


Insane Prototype: A Convulsive Collection Of Dark Industrial Rock!

“These seven words do not mean anything” lurches along with perpetual grimace. A convulsive collection of dark industrial rock, Insane Prototype’s grim opus weaves through the 7-track Ep with scatter-shot intensity. Qui...