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JARIKO Has The Charm, The Swagger, And His Voice is Out Of This World!

Jariko is an American singer/songwriter who began his musical journey at 13 years old armed with nothing more than grim determination and a spray painted, technicolor boom box as his P.A. system. While his passions for music ru...


Valdrin Lamont: “Fire (Your Every Desire)” Prod. by Nova, Straight And Simple!

21 year old Valdrin Lamont hails from the city of Columbus, Ga and started rapping at the age of 12. With tracks like “Too DOPE” and “Fire” he displays his smooth “lover boy” swagger and hard...


Kieran And The Iguanas: “I Feel Love,” A Little Dose Of Deviating Genius

What’s in a name? The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and music. The question is; does a name influence the personality, temperament and sound of a band? And what would you expec...


DJ Richard Lewington Taking Clubs Across The U.K. And Spain By Storm!

Originally from Southend in Essex, Richard Lewington worked as a music journalist in the south of England before moving to Spain in 2007 to apply his know-how in nightclub marketing management and music journalism in Tenerife. ...


Blue Sky Alert: “Live From Studio Welcome To 1979” Grabs Your Attention And Holds It

The Clarksville, Tennessee-based retro-rock band, Blue Sky Alert, has been rocking audiences with their unique sound in and around Nashville for the last two years. The band independently released their first official album, &#...


AXEL MANSOOR: “The Inside Voices” – Substance, Depth, Enjoyability!

Axel Mansoor says that his current mission is to bring back the glory of the acoustic guitar in the college music scene. He continues:“Electro and all its variants are seemingly everywhere, but I want to prove that the ac...



KELLY CAMPBELL: “Sweet Therapy” The Debut Ep

Singer/songwriter Kelly Campbell, says that she has always believed in the healing and energizing power of a well-written song, reveling in the way it can conjure up universally-familiar emotions and grateful for the way music ...


ALLEN GATES: “The Proof” Passion, Respect And Emotional Delivery!

Allen Gates found his calling with words and used them as way to communicate through music at an early age. Born in St. Louis, he took his first vulnerable plunge performing for his peers on a class trip. The applause and respe...


Bobby Bofman: The “American Poet” Album Review

Singer–Songwriter Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago. As a young boy, Bobby would sit and listen to the stories of an old homeless man that lived in the alley behind his grandfather’s dry cleaning ...


DRESS LIKE A WOMAN: “Now That You Are Thirteen”

Dress Like a Woman is a rock band from Barcelona,Spain. Formed in October 2010 and composed of Alba (vocals & lyrics), Roger (guitar & keyboards), Marc (bass) and Nacho (drums). The band tries to introduce its own visi...