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Videogamergal: Games, Music & Paper Rockets!

Currently making music in the great Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Videogamergal is a little lady with a vibrant  imagination and musical prowess. Producing music based off of pictures in her head heavily influenced by a life of...


KEI-SHON-SON Is Back With: “I Cant Call It”

A while back we reviewed, rapper KEI-SHON-SON, front man of the collective Hiphop project, “Tha SleepWalkers” with his “Sub-Conscience” mixtape. KEI-SHON-SON started out at the tender age of 15, when he then pur...



Ryan Caskey is an alternative-rock recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Guitarist Ryan teamed up with producer Eddie Hedges to record “AUTOMATIC,” his third full-length album, which is now available on iTunes....


RAHAT: A Seraph’s Gift

Born in Bangladesh and raised in the Bronx, Rahat is a hip hop artist who firmly believes in controlling the fate of his own music by serving as a one man army to promote himself and manage his own career. Having fallen in with...


CRYSAND: “Never Like A Dreamer”

Crysand are a new band that was created in 2011 by two experienced musicians, Andrea Iannello e Cristiano Grifoni, who have played many tours and have made various recordings prior to this experience. Their music is a mix of ep...



Oleg Prodeus is a singer/songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer, a multimedia artist and a filmmaker/director. He was born in the former Soviet Union and has been living and working in Vienna since 1990. He ha...



Monks of Mellonwah: “Neurogenesis”

Winner of the 2012 award for Best Indie Rock Band at the Artists In Music Awards in Los Angeles and nominated for Best International Act at the LA Music Awards, the Monks of Mellonwah are a four-piece alternative rock and...


Frostbite: “Valentine and Other Stories of Hope”

Christopher Lee Compton is no stranger to the Gothic Rock movement. Writing and performing for more than two decades, the time has come to be heard again. “Valentine and Other Stories of Hope” took it’s first breath in ...


Robbie Tee: “Acoustic Interludes & One”

It’s hard doing a review for a friend whose music you love to start with, but then again reviewing great music is relatively easily no matter who the artist is. In addition, readers can hear and tell the difference betwee...


DE///LION: “Trash, Birds? Rats. Idea!”

Thrashing guitars, bashing drums and powerful offbeat and dissonant vocals. This the anarchic, psycadelic sound of alternative-rock band – DE///LION on their EP “Trash, Birds? Rats. Idea!”  DE///LION formed in 2009 betwe...