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New York Based Fabio Bertagnolli embraces a postmodern aesthetic without separation from traditional fundamentals

Fabio Bertagnolli is an award-winning New York Based music composer for concert, film and multimedia applications. As a teenager Fabio played trombone for the local community band in his then hometown in Northern Italy. After e...

Sampahh – an undeniable talent

Sampahh’s purpose is to connect and inspire people through his music. His victories and success in the industry are a testimony of his undeniable talent as an artist. Sampahh is an actor in addition to being a musician an...


Ghost Tribe Fires is pretty close to brilliant!

Pre-order the singles on iTunes now! The founding members of Ghost Tribe Fires, Jon Veitch (multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and vocals) and Liz Downs (drums and vocals) started gigging in 2011 while doing small tours up and do...