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Cordel Roper: The “Free Fallin” Video!

Brighton, England recording artist Cordel Roper has been involved heavily in music from a young age and now that his craft has been fully honed into the successful sound you hear now, he’s ready to make the leap to the major ...


Dan Miftari: “Both Times It Was You”

Dan Miftari is a singer/songwriter born in Struga Macedonia. At the age of 2 years old his folks moved to the U.S. As a young child growing up in the States, he fell in love with music quickly. However, before picking up any in...


Mic Nice (feat. Delilah): Release The New Video – “GO”

Mic Nice was born in Brooklyn and raised in Manhattan, and has taken his talents down to Florida to expand his fan base, work with new artists, and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Internet makes it very easy for him to reach o...


Colin Tyler: “Live From Studio A” The Video Album!

Colin Tyler is a Chicago based singer-songwriter. Just like his music, his philosophy is uniformly unique. Colin only records live in a single take and he does not edit the tracks in post production. He also films all of his ma...


Sierra Hurtt: “We Can Do Anything”

“When you’re heart is trying to tell you something Not that far from the truth Just do it…” are the first three lines that Sierra Hurtt sings on her brand new debut album “STRANGER”, and was way over and ab...


Francis Bowie: “Sunny Day”

Francis Bowie, both a writer, singer, songwriter, painter, sculptor, designer and gallery owner. He proclaims himself as the founder of the new music genre called Intelligent Pop Music or IPM which is an attempt to put some qu...



In the Pocket Series: Change Reaction

A horde of artistic giants. An important mission. A major multimedia, musical project. One common goal to sustain it all: IN THE POCKET. It’s all happening in Philadelphia. From the band that brought national attention to ...


Keith Patterson Band – Stone, Cold And Blue

Since the release of Keith’s debut album Stone Cold & Blue in April of this year, the band has built a loyal fanbase here in the USA & across Europe,the UK, New Zealand & Australia. The band is currently booking s...


Anna Johnson – “Damaged And Bruised”

Anna Johnson is a beautiful lady who carves out deep soul searching melodies that come straight from her heart. Like a sharp pointed knife that slices through butter, she penetrates your sensibility without hesitation. No techn...


Mink feat. Freja – “Hidden Star”

The new Danish electro-pop-rock duo MINK released their first single ”Hidden Star” February 7, 2012, introducing Freja W. on vocals. On HIDDEN STAR, Mink show they know their way around a pop, mid-tempo, chart bubbler arra...