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N-Sane: “Free” – Perfect Dance Music with Heavy Bass and Over the Top Synth!

Imagine taking some of the best stuff out of the old school sound and merging it with a current club scene. The outcome is perfect dance music with heavy bass and over the top synth sounds. N-Sane’s compositions sound so orig...


KastL: “What’s Done Is Dead” An Emotionally Electrifying Soundtrack!

A lot of people would look at KastL’s life as a Hollywood story. He was on the move since the age of 6 after his parents separated. The constant moving throughout Toronto made it hard for KastL to build a foundation to stay g...


MURKY RED: “Black Beast Rising” Alternately Soaring and Wistful

Murky Red is a rock band formed in the autumn of 2010. The band delivers a blend of different rock styles, influenced by acts such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Fleetwood Mac, and Dire Straits. Murky Red...


Brombones:”‘The Sun Never Shines On The Poor” Hit Hard and True!

Brombones’ re-imagining of Richard and Linda Thompson’s song ‘The Sun Never Shines on the Poor’ began in the summer of 2011 when Elias Crabtree played it on acoustic guitar for his brother Jeremy Crabtree at Jeremy’...


Split The D: “Legacies”, Beg For The Stereo To Be Cranked Up!

Split The D are a 5-piece Pop/Punk band formed in Spring of 2012 with members hailing from locations scattered throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. They are a pop-punk band, who set out to bring rock and roll back to basics, goi...


Quesfire: “Love Me Hate Me,” Tells It Like It Is!

Quesfire is a two time Underground Music Award Winner, who has been taking the New York music scene by storm. He has also brought his high energy performances to major venues such as S.O.B.S., Webster Hall, and BB Kings. He has...