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In the Pocket Series: Change Reaction

A horde of artistic giants. An important mission. A major multimedia, musical project. One common goal to sustain it all: IN THE POCKET. It’s all happening in Philadelphia. From the band that brought national attention to ...

Keith Patterson Band – Stone, Cold And Blue

Since the release of Keith’s debut album Stone Cold & Blue in April of this year, the band has built a loyal fanbase here in the USA & across Europe,the UK, New Zealand & Australia. The band is currently booking s...


Anna Johnson – “Damaged And Bruised”

Anna Johnson is a beautiful lady who carves out deep soul searching melodies that come straight from her heart. Like a sharp pointed knife that slices through butter, she penetrates your sensibility without hesitation. No techn...

Mink feat. Freja – “Hidden Star”

The new Danish electro-pop-rock duo MINK released their first single ”Hidden Star” February 7, 2012, introducing Freja W. on vocals. On HIDDEN STAR, Mink show they know their way around a pop, mid-tempo, chart bubbler arra...

Lunic – “Self-Destruct”

Official music video for Lunic’s new song, Self-Destruct. New album coming summer 2012 Music video directed by Bowie Alexander & produced by Alex Cody, cinematography by Dan Dunn. “Distinctive and sul...

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