Independent Performing Scorecards



Dan Miftari: “Both Times It Was You”

Dan Miftari is a singer/songwriter born in Struga Macedonia. At the age of 2 years old his folks moved to the U.S. As a young child growing up in the States, he fell in love with music quickly. However, before picking up any in...


Colin Tyler: “Live From Studio A” The Video Album!

Colin Tyler is a Chicago based singer-songwriter. Just like his music, his philosophy is uniformly unique. Colin only records live in a single take and he does not edit the tracks in post production. He also films all of his ma...


Anna Johnson – “Damaged And Bruised”

Anna Johnson is a beautiful lady who carves out deep soul searching melodies that come straight from her heart. Like a sharp pointed knife that slices through butter, she penetrates your sensibility without hesitation. No techn...

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