Independent Performing Scorecards



Film-maker Alexx Thompson and the Video of Poolside’s Haiti Harvest Moon!

A music video was once defined as a commercial videotape featuring a performance of a popular song, often through a stylized dramatization by the performers with lip synching and special effects. Today it i...


N-Sane: “Free” – Perfect Dance Music with Heavy Bass and Over the Top Synth!

Imagine taking some of the best stuff out of the old school sound and merging it with a current club scene. The outcome is perfect dance music with heavy bass and over the top synth sounds. N-Sane’s compositions sound so orig...


S.L.a.P.-TV (ft. Bobscare): The Alternate 2012 Summer Games Theme Song (EXPLICIT MATERIAL)

WARNING: EXPLICIT MATERIAL – Bobscare is the lead singer of S.L.a.P.-TV (short for Squeal Like a Pig-TV), based in London, UK. Bobscare loves anything to do with John Waters, cats, weed, drag queens, female rappers, clown...


The Love Theme’s “Rope” – Featuring Inspiral Carpets’ Frontman Tom Hingley

The Love Theme’s single Rope, featuring vocals by Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley, hits stores June 28, 2012,  alongside two dubstep remixes of the track. “Tom’s voice is so recognizable and distinct, it wa...


Francis Bowie: “Sunny Day”

Francis Bowie, both a writer, singer, songwriter, painter, sculptor, designer and gallery owner. He proclaims himself as the founder of the new music genre called Intelligent Pop Music or IPM which is an attempt to put some qu...


Mink feat. Freja – “Hidden Star”

The new Danish electro-pop-rock duo MINK released their first single ”Hidden Star” February 7, 2012, introducing Freja W. on vocals. On HIDDEN STAR, Mink show they know their way around a pop, mid-tempo, chart bubbler arra...

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