Independent Performing Scorecards



KastL: “What’s Done Is Dead” An Emotionally Electrifying Soundtrack!

A lot of people would look at KastL’s life as a Hollywood story. He was on the move since the age of 6 after his parents separated. The constant moving throughout Toronto made it hard for KastL to build a foundation to stay g...


MURKY RED: “Black Beast Rising” Alternately Soaring and Wistful

Murky Red is a rock band formed in the autumn of 2010. The band delivers a blend of different rock styles, influenced by acts such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Fleetwood Mac, and Dire Straits. Murky Red...


Brombones:”‘The Sun Never Shines On The Poor” Hit Hard and True!

Brombones’ re-imagining of Richard and Linda Thompson’s song ‘The Sun Never Shines on the Poor’ began in the summer of 2011 when Elias Crabtree played it on acoustic guitar for his brother Jeremy Crabtree at Jeremy’...


Post Trauma: “I’m That Guy,” A Hand-Clapping Jukebox Hit!

A couple of months ago we reviewed and praised the great mix of Country Rock, Bluegrass and Straight Rock, from Fullerton CA’s Jagermeister Sponsored band, Post Trauma. Now the boys are back with the brand new video relea...


“Carousel” The Video By CHASING COLOURS

Chasing Colors began with two brothers who were heavily involved in music their whole lives, beginning with their parents who are music teachers. Chris Leslie (guitar) and Brandon Leslie (drums) came up with a new idea for a ba...


JANG: Double Video Release And New Album!

“Jang” is a project by music artist Nick Stanifer from Sacramento, CA and that’s already a guarantee of extremely free spirited and eventful music. Jang have just released a double video featuring the songs, ...

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