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The Tube Media: Wall-To-Wall Music Videos Online!

Music videos are amazingly popular online, even more so than offline these days. The majority of the most-watched videos on the Web are official music videos. The only other videos that can compete with music videos for online...

  Sizzling Beats By Music Producer Jamel!

Producer Jamel is currently the CEO and chief producer of Born in Detroit MI. raised in Los Angeles CA. Jamel got his start as a graduate from M.I.T (Musician’s Institute of Technology) in Hollywood CA. ...


earcandy: Make An Impression With Exclusive Live Bands & DJ’s!

Have you ever tried to book a musical act for a wedding, party or a corporate event? Then in the process, discovering it was like opening a surprise packet. The questions before your special event bounce around your head like a...


WORLD5: ‘Global Experience’

WORLD5 coalesced around the idea that music can transcend distance. The five members had all played together in various bands in the U.S. and Europe. But that was then. Today, they live on three difference continents spanning 1...


The Drunksouls Website

The Drunksouls present an interactive website. Where everything is searchable and reached from on page only. This makes for easy surfing.


Adena Atkins Website

The Adena Atkins website is sweet and simple. Nothing like her deliciously tasteful music. The information is well written together with Adena’s bio, but it ends there. For the rest the website offers no free downloads ...

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