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In Space is an Alternative/Shoegaze band formed by Andrew Roth and Cory Callahan in late 2010. In July, 2011, they released an album called ” The Greed EP”. Andrew is from Los Angeles and Cory, who is also a filmmaker, relocated to Los Angeles from Iowa. Brand new songs on their site include “Dump(New Town)” and “The Prelude”.

Currently In Space’s songs are self-produced and engineered. Andrew Roth is the singer/songwriter who plays piano and guitar, while Cory Callahan handles the drumming. They are currently working on new material.

Recently In Space had also been chosen by The Fender Music Foundation and Reverbnation as 1 of 10 bands in the World to participate in an Online Virtual Charity Benefit to help Save Lives through Music Education.

In Space compose atmospheric and haunting songs often in typical shoegazing style, achieved by the significant use of echoing effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blend into the creative turbulence of piano and guitar riffs. The vocals are also typically subdued in volume and tone, with a strong sense of melody existing underneath the layers of amorphous backing sounds.

Songs like “So Glad”, “Springtime” and “Sleep” appear sugar flavored and sweet to the palette, sounding like they’ve been dipped in a lysergic coating to create an almost confusing effect that straddles the most polar of pop extremes.

“Fading Universe” and “Greed” heralds a more mellow and delicate pop approach vaguely reminiscent of early REM works.

“Suffer” showcases the creative noise element associated with this particular genre, while the highlights for us are represented by the the more melodious piano and bass driven tracks, “Down Below” and “Sell Your Soul”.

In Space have all the basic qualities, needed in this cross genre style, to walk the same musical tightrope as successful bands before them. Like Slowdrive, Ride and the Pale Saints. Where slow-burning misery and mystery is very much the dominating order of the day in their songs, and delicately faint flavors of alternative pop and grunge float ever-present in the background.

IN SPACE singer-songwriter - ANDREW ROTH

Andrew Roth started playing the drums for a band called “Random” at age 9. Random recorded 2 albums and Andrew was playing up and down Sunset Blvd at Whisky a Go Go (played with “Zebrahead”) Coconut Teaszer, the Rainbow Room, The Roxy, etc. Random also played with “The Calling” & “Ashlee Simpson” at The Knitting Factory and performed at other Hollywood venues, the largest venue being The Palace. By the time he was 12 yrs old he had been on 4 tours and played in 6 States.

At 13 Andrew started his own band, Sofa Kingdom, where he wrote songs, sang, and switched to the guitar. Sofa Kingdom recorded 2 EP’s. During that time Andrew also had the opportunity to take part in the KLUC Superstar Show at “The Joint” inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. There he played for Grammy Award winning producers and got excellent feedback.

When he was 14 he started a band called This Fall. They played at various Los Angeles venues where they were on the bill with “Death by Stereo” at Whisky a go go and other local bands of the day. They had a big local following and were recording a demo with a Producer from The Schecter Guitar Company. This Fall recorded 2 songs “One More Night Fall” and “Shotgun Shells”. At this time he also had the opportunity to attend Power Chord Academy and work with other musicians from throughout the world.



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