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Grandmaster Slice grew up in a small town in southern Virginia.He got into the rap game as a kid and deejayed for a local group named Ebony Express. Slice later hooked up with a former rival , Izzy Chill, and in 1989 the duo produced a dance record titled “Shall We Dance (Electric Slide),” for the indie Creative Funk Records. The song became a hit on the rap charts, and was picked up by Select-O-Hits, who released an album Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) as well.

After moving to Jive Records, Slice reached the singles charts with the crossover “Thinking of You.” However, a follow-up only arrived nine years later when Grandmaster Slice reached the top 10 Billboard Hot Rap Singles again, with rap remake of Clarence Carter’s “Strokin’ 2000” on the Wingspan label.

Now the former Jive recording artist returns with a new, old-school throwback party jam “Party Over Here” to jump-start the new year. This is the first single from his long awaited upcoming non-tradition Hip-Hop album “Time Flies (Timeless Collection)” which will include unreleased songs recorded between 1990 & 2013.

The sparse, yet beat-heavy arrangement, gives “Party Over Here” a raw stripped down feeling, which is enormously appealing compared to the almost grandiose productions that plagues much of today’s hip hop. The best aspect to this minimal mix is that it puts Grandmaster Slice’s old-school flow into the foreground, and let’s him loose to do his thing. His undeniable charisma comes shining through brighter on this track, than on anything else his done before.

The ratio of production and performance strike a perfect balance, giving the song the same sound and vibe of those hard-hitting old-school classics. Plus Slice gets to sink his teeth into some meaty hooks and choruses along the way. It’s clear that with the uncluttered production, honest-to-goodness lyrics, and impassioned delivery, “Party Over Here” represents hip hop at it’s purest, partying best!

Music supporters can purchase the Grandmaster Slice’s new single on most online music stores.

Grandmaster Slice In Action!
Grandmaster Slice In Action!








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