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Hailing from Marlborough, New Zealand, new independent artist Carwyn Henigan is making a noise both at home and overseas. Carwyn Henigan is a unique raw talent, serving up tasty a listening menu of well crafted catchy pop music tinged with classic rock undertones, quite unlike any other.

His infectious brand of radio Pop Rock has already been quickly snapped up and supported by local community and student FM stations in his home country New Zealand, and is now gaining solid International radio airplay interest and rotation on internet radio stations, FM radio stations and podcasts around the world.

Releasing his first commercial Pop rock single ‘Flying High’ to radio stations though out New Zealand and internationally, Carwyn is the first ever Kiwi independent Pop/Rock artist known to release 4 radio singles during New Zealand’s annual original music celebration, ‘NZ Music Month’, and the first Kiwi artist to release the same 4 singles internationally during the NZ Music Month event, held in May 2013.

Ballsy and ambitious, this New Zealand artist is doing it ‘Kiwi Styles’. His music reflects the voice of people on the street like you and me, with simple deep cutting lyrics covering topics such as shocking historical events, offering positive hope and inspiration, uniting and uprising, and sending strong messages of peace to the world.



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