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TTNG (previously known as “This Town Needs Guns”)is a math rock band originating from Oxford in the United Kingdom. They were formed in 2004, and are currently signed to Sargent House (USA). Their debut full length album, Animals, was released in UK via Big Scary Monsters Recording Company in October 2008 and shortly after in the US via Sargent House Records.

The current lineup consists of Henry Tremain and brothers, Tim and Chris Collins. The Oxford based band, who predominantly use asymmetrical time signatures, typical math rock characteristics, as well as complex finger picking in their works, released their latest album “” in January of this year.

After listening to the album, I think that terms like math rock or indie rock are rather reductive, boxing the band into too restrictive confines. TTNG are simply a rock band who play guitar based music, and they do it bloody well indeed!

TTNG’s strength lies in creating intricate and intense rhythms with an elegant feel. Their drumbeats are all innovative, clean and precise, while the guitars have a very distinct sound that will make you bob and weave your head until it feels like it will fall off. The solid basslines and unique vocals, do the rest to convince you that this is a very talented band.

Throughout the twelve tracks included on “”, TTNG integrate addictive guitar riffs that frequently change through the verses and choruses, so the music is never boring or repetitive. The brilliant thing of course, is that the guitar tones are so beautifully constructed, they never distract from the gorgeous melodies on any of their songs. And here the superb high-ranging vocals, deliciously carry the band’s song-development and delivery skills, which elude even the best acts of the current guitar-rock movements.

TTNG have created a brilliant sound which evokes emotions ranging from simple excitement to flat-out awe. They succeed in nodding to 70’s and 80’s punk, post-punk and modern rock, then add layers of their unique creativity over the top, to create something completely different and infinitely more complex.

The song compositions from “Havoc in the Forum”,”Left Aligned” and “I’ll Take the Minute Snake” to “2 Birds, 1 Stone And An Empty Stomach”, “Triptych” and “A Different Kind of Tall (small)”,  are rock-solid, surprising, and surge forward while dragging you along for the ride. All throughout, the drumming stays tastefully awesome, complimenting the euphoric guitar work, and eloquently powerful vocals, which together with the bass, delivers a very funky and rocking sound.

At the end of it all, TTNG is a very talented, innovative band with refreshing songs that have never quite been done like this before. This album is energetic and fun, and TTNG manage to make statements throughout it without the listener even realizing they’re doing it.

I highly recommend this band if you’re a fan of Brit rock, indie guitar-rock and post-punk. I guarantee that no matter what you listen to over the next few months, you’ll keep turning back to“”, that is if you ever take it out of your music player long enough to listen to anything else of course!



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