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After the recent news confirming that Renilin President Antonio Notaro had signed deals with the renowned companies, Music Umbrella (USA) and Ask Management (UK), to focus on launching Alessia D’Andrea globally, things seem to be heating up in the Italian independent  music stable.

Alessia D’Andrea and Bulgarian artist Lubo Kirov who both have successful solo careers in their respective home countries as well as abroad, and who have also worked together prosperously in the past, are preparing for the big jump abroad. The two were heard together on the single “Tonight” which was premiered and presented before the Bulgarian press and television networks, as well as on Lubo’s track, “Moga”, in which Alessia sang in Bulgarian!

Alessia D'Andrea
Alessia D’Andrea

Currently Lubo is a judge on the Bulgarian edition of X-Factor, while Alessia D’Andrea is completing her ten-track Italian album to be released soon. A quick listen to their tracks or maybe even the viewing of their respective music videos on Youtube, would be more than enough to convince fans that the artists in question certainly have the talent and experience to make the big jump across the musical pond.

Renilin boss Antonio Notario is one of the first people who strongly believes that both Alessia and Lubo have what it takes to impress and penetrate the USA market, thus he is leaning all his persuasion and vigor into getting these continental singing stars through the right doors and onto a star-spangled stage in the process.

Meanwhile though, Renilin activities do not stop here. Alessia is also taking part in recordings with Italian artist, now resident in Argentina, Serafino. His latest album will be presented at the Hard Rock Cafe in Buenos Aires the 20th of September.

While another Bulgarian artist, Ive, who was the most voted artist at 2012 Eurodanceweb Awards is preparing her new single which will probably be released during this winter. Ive will be remembered for her Renilin and Restylers co-produced single, “Sunlight”.

So the stage is being set by Renilin, and its partners abroad, while the talented artists who orbit around label-president Antoni Notaro, sharpen their skills and expand their horizons.

As the saying goes: “There is no time, like the right time…and the right time is now!”

Judge Lubo Kirov (second from right) on X-Factor
Judge Lubo Kirov (second from right) on X-Factor



Alessia D’ Andrea

Lubo Kirov

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