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Cassius K’s first solo mixtape project “PAGE 1” is scheduled to be released during 2013, and his first album release date is being discussed with P.HE. Cassius is a Graduate of Prairie View A&M University receiving a BS and MS in 2007 and 2009. The former athlete turned artist says music has always been in him, though he felt football was his passion, but injuries put that goal on hold. His mother is a singer, and his father plays trumpet, while his grandmother, Rev. Maxine L. Barksdale was a piano teacher.

Cassius has been building his name and brand in part, by putting his vocals on mixtape tracks produced byJust Blaze, DJ Mr Rogers, Heavy D, Stunt N Dozier, Watts Productions, H.D., 80s Babies, CJ BEATSand was also featured on DJ Merk’s (Official Dj for Dorrough Music) Outbreak VoL1 in 2007 and various projects across the globe.

Cassius K’s official street-banging single “WATCH” produced by H.D. dropped earlier this year. “WATCH” already has a buzz growing in the streets and on popular social networking platforms.

You have to give credit where credit is due. Cassius K does in fact deliver a street banger, but it is the tone of his lyrics which give us a 3-Dimensional view of our daily lifestyles and he masterfully gives us a glimpse of all angles. And then there’s the beat. The beat is simple, yet incredible on this single and stops just short of overshadowing Cassius K’s delivery, and that’s saying something!

There are still people out there that still know how to make a rap single or album worth listening to and worth buying. If you’re sick and tired of hearing these gimmick rappers talk about what they have and not talk about how they got to where they are; then thank heavens for Cassius K.

“WATCH” is a single with an attitude that suits Cassius K perfectly, because attitude is something that Kendrel Robinson has in spades. While he came up through the ranks of his rap scene, it wasn’t until he spread on the web that he started to explode in a big way.

Cassius K’s voice has developed into a rough yet smooth tone. He has a penchant for flipping quick verbal’s and packs plenty of ammo in his rhymes, both figuratively and literally. It’s been said that it’s very hard to reach the upper ranks of the entertainment world without being confident about your abilities, and Cassius K’s self-confidence seems poised for success on “WATCH”.

With bi-coastal appeal, and a smooth production, Cassius K sucks you into the song with his flow. If you want a good single that was well thought-out in terms of production and writing, then “WATCH” is the one!





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