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Los Angeles – Meet Celebrity and Actor Noel Gugliemi at the screening of his film ‘Hope Cafe’ at the opening night of Indie Fest on October 24th at 8pm in Garden Grove, California. This night is dedicated to outstanding Latin performers, and will honor celebrated actor Noel Gugliemi, F. Valentino Morales, and Filmmaker  Radhaa Nilia.


Noel Gugliemi has been featured in over 110 films and television series. He has appeared in feature films including: The Fast and Furious, The Animal, Training Day (Denzel WashingtonEthan Hawke), National Security (Martin Lawrence), Malibu’s Most Wanted, Old School (Will FerrellVince Vaughn), S.W.A.T. (Samuel Jackson, Collin Ferrell), Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey), Crank (Jason Statham), School for Scoundrels (Billy Bob ThorntonJon Heder), Employee of the Month (Matt DillonSteve Zahn), The Virgin of Juarez (Minnie Driver), Harsh Times (Christian BaleFreddy Rodriguez), Snoop Dogg‘s Hood of Horrors, Street Kings (Keanu Reaves, Forest Whitaker), as well as The Bucket List (Morgan FreemanJack Nicholson). Noel can also be seen in Jamie Foxx‘s The Soloist and alongside Harvey Keitel and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Wrong Turn at Tahoe. His highest grossing film was The Dark Knight Rises. Noel has also appeared on several television shows including The Walking Dead and has had recurring roles on Resurrection Blvd. and The Handler. Guest Starring spots include performances on Without A Trace, 24, CSI Miami Las Vegas, NYPD Blue, Monk and Mind of Mencia. . You can also hear Noel on the animated series The Cleveland Show. Noel Gugliemi plays the lead role as ‘Hector’ in Hope Cafe.


F. Valentino Morales plays the role of ‘Marco’ in Hope Cafe and is Vin Diesel’s production partner at One Race Films, is the star of Vin Diesel’s series ‘The Ropes’ and is a producing partner on “Fast & Furious 7”.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to accept the honor of presenting my film on the opening night of Indie Fest USA IFF which will celebrate the wide community of Latin creative’s, artists and filmmakers in such a wonderful way.” said Radhaa Nilia, Owner and Founder of Radhaa Nilia Productions. “Our film will be the second film of the night right after the opening ceremonies and for that we’re also much honored.”

Along with the presentation of the film attendees will have a chance to meet, get autographs, and photos with Noel Gugliemi, F. Valentino Morales, and Radhaa Nilia after the screening.

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