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First time film maker Radhaa Nilia was awarded ‘ Best Director’ for ‘Hope Cafe’, at the 7th Annual Indie Fest International Film Festival on October 27th, 2013. Veteran actor, Noel Gugliemi, who played the lead character (Hector) in the film, was honored with the prestigious ‘Best Actor’ award, in closing ceremonies. ‘Hope Cafe’ was shot in both Los Angeles and the scenic Southern Oregon town of Ashland, and is based on a true, faith based story.

Radhaa Nilia (photo by Nelson Shen)

Ms. Nilia, who also produced and directed the film states, ” As a woman, directing my first film, this honor means more than I can possibly express in words. I will forever be grateful for this recognition, and to all who helped bring my vision to fruition. I’ve learned a great deal directing this first film, and the generous encouragement that Indie Fest has bestowed on this work, will certainly inspire me to continue moving forward in creating films of quality and meaning.”

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