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Coral is a 19-year-old singer-songwriting from Hamilton, New Zealand. Last month, Coral signed to Starlight Records on a two year Global Development deal. She is Starlight Record’s first female artist to be signed by the label. Coral has been singing ever since she was a little girl. She comes from a strong musical background, as her mother Emmeline Pitcher is a professional singer.

Coral’s love of the ‘Big Stage’ started when she was just four’s years old. Performing with a dance group in front of 1200 delighted parents at Hamilton’s largest and best known Show Venue ‘Founders Theatre.’ But it was her natural singing ability that took her back to that same stage three years later as a solo singer with Suzanne Prentice.

Throughout her school years, Coral focused her life around music. She took every opportunity to learn about music and performance. School Plays and Choirs, programs for Guitar, Piano, Music and Singing, Certificate in Media Arts, Acoustic Music Club, Festivals, and busking gigs at ‘The Frankton Markets’ every Saturday morning.

Coral took the opportunities where she could, regarding singing and talent competitions. Placing in the Semi Finals on Prime TV’s New Zealand’s Got Talent in 2008 was a real highlight in this young singer’s career.

I listen to a lot of music, but, it is rare for me to find someone who is truly a rare bird. Coral is that fresh new voice whose song “The Rolling Stone” is currently doing the rounds.

Coral hasn’t hit twenty yet, but she truly sounds like an old traveled soul. As I listened to her song, so many of my favorite female singers like Carole King, Carly Simon, Duffy, Adele and Norah Jones came to mind and I truly questioned how someone so young could remind me of all these stellar women and yet be completely her own person, yet that is the paradox and the joy of Coral.

Coral’s music has a warm an ethereal feel and seems to encompass all sides of her personality and musical loves. Imagine taking folk, rock, pop, and combining them with R&B and you’ll have a hint of what Coral’s music is about.

Coral’s sound is the type that slowly saunters in wearing an unlikely hat. It beckons to you, seduces you, slowly charms you and soon you find yourself hallucinating in a familiar dream. Her music speaks of love, heartbreak, of finding oneself, of life’s experiences – but even through the sadness, it soars. Her music does not drag, but instead finds wings and grooves to carry it. If like me, you’re tired of artists trying to be trendy, of musical fads that come and go, of formulaic overproduced pop. Then Coral is the antidote.

She writes her own songs and is a gifted musician. She is fresh and new, yet her music hearkens back to anytime your mind, and heart chooses. In short, her music is timeless, which to me, is the very best thing to be. Coral is a young girl with a mature soul. Her music is melodic and soothing, showcasing her beautiful voice. See her now or it will cost you hundreds, in a year from now, to see her, believe me!



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