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The Hitarda Project was created by two talented and extraordinary music producers, Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse. They have become well-known for their music that has been a part of famous movies, soap operas, popular games and many other exciting projects. In their spare time, composers Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse give free rein to wild imagination and crazy energy that result in a seductive mix of dance rhythms and guitar riffs. It was through this unique collaboration that Hitarda was born.

Ann Muse was born in Ukraine to a poor family. She soon began to work for a living, but the difficulties of life didn’t stop her because she lived with a sincere love of music and a childhood dream. A dream that one day she would be a positive influence on people all over the world through her music.

The Hitarda Project create wall to wall muscular electronic rocky-pop with thoughtful lyrics and groovy melodies that go down easier than lemonade on a sticky summer afternoon. The single “Love Makes You Beautiful,” with its lyrics and melody in wicked bliss, enters the head and simply will not leave. It is far from the only such track in their collection.

“I Love Rock” sparkles and shimmers with Ann’s smooth, soulful crooning and frenetic, dance floor-ready energy, “Rock The World” is likely to burn up the radio playlists, while “Dirty Games” was made to consume the testosterone of male listeners.

All The Hitarda Project songs are immaculately arranged and produced with a pop-savvy fusion, of electronic dance and indie guitar- rock flavorings. The tracks pulse and seethe under the weight of its nervous energy as Ann Muse sings in a forceful, idiosyncratic and downright infectious way. It’s like The Muse, Katy Perry and Skrillex, all rolled into one!

The Hitarda Project has a potential hit with every song. You’ll love the vocals, the arrangements, the harmonies, and the instrumentation. The songs are catchy, melodic, upbeat, and Ann’s singing reels you in and makes you want to play each song again and again. This band plays to its strengths so well. They know exactly what they are doing and leave no doubt that they are a memorable and great band. There are no weak tracks on this in their catalog. It’s just that good!

If you are not a Hitarda Project fan yet, their songs and videos will make you one in no time! The brilliant combination of sexuality and emotion that you can feel and hear in these songs make them totally appealing and oh so hard to resist…and Ann Muse is hot hot hot!



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