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SJM Publishing is determined to change the urban lit game by introducing 6 books this year and including soundtracks recorded by local and national artist woven into the stories with each of them. Silk, the CEO of SJM Publishing, is no stranger to adversity or finding a way to be victorious against insurmountable odds. Paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair at age 17, she learned quickly that life will throw you curves consistently but its how you deal with them that makes the difference.

After receiving a dare from a friend, she wrote her first book. The book sold out 3 stories in a matter of hours and SJM Publishing was born. Unlike most, she set out to break all the rules and it worked. Not only did she merge her love for music with her love for writing, she wrote the book in a manner that speaks directly to the reader. Yes, she broke the golden rule and the consumers loved the unique writing style.

Her latest work titled, “Using Lies As Alibi’s” is set for release on January 31st. The soundtrack “The Three Year Engagement” by William Casanova will be free with purchase and the club banger “Don’t Start None” by Will, impacts iTunes, etc. on February 4th.

From her club style book signings to a slick marketing campaign, Silk is determined to get SJM Publishing in the history books as trendsetters of the book game. From D.C. to the U.K. everyone is watching and so are we! You can follow Silk at @SJMSilk and find out more about her and her many ventures. #sjmpublishing



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