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Sweden-based songwriter and producer A.S. Swanski is about to release his new album Deckare. It’s a unique album which contains a series of songs inspired by Swedish crime novels. “It’s perfectly normal to turn a story into a movie and capture the moods of a novel with images. I tried to turn these moods into sound”, Swanski says.

Swedish crime fiction has become very popular since the worldwide success of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. The genre blends politics and mystery against a melancholic Scandinavian background. “The tone and themes of the genre mix well with my music”, says Dutch-born A.S. Swanski, who moved to Sweden in 2008.

The songs on Deckare (the Swedish word for “detective”) reflect on the works of authors like Henning Mankell, Roslund & Hellström, Stieg Larsson, Camilla Läckberg and Liza Marklund. “However, you don’t have to know Nordic noir literature to like his album,” he adds. “The songs all stand on their own. But you need an open mind. Deckare is musically very diverse. It moves between dark ambient, krautrock, synth pop and post-punk, and it can be quite wild at times. The press has written about my earlier work that it’s uncompromising and demands attention. The same can be said about this one.”

Deckare contains 11 tracks. Swanski plays all the instruments and sings most of the songs. In three tracks he collaborates with Russian chanteuse La Gouzel.

A.S. Swanski has been musically active since the mid-1980s, but his first solo album Twist came out as late as 1999. After a long break during which he worked as a rock journalist for a Belgian weekly, he released Electro Noir (2012), an album with dark and haunting electronica that got raving reviews and airplay worldwide.

Deckare will be available as a download, a series of videos and as a CD. To get the CD version of the album, you must pre-order before March 1st. Only then you are guaranteed a physical copy of the album. Find out more on Swanski’s project website:

A.S. Swanski
A.S. Swanski


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