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Indie Anthems Vol. 6 NXNE is full of powerhouse performers across an array of genres, providing a strong showcase of up-and-comers. The mixtape kicks off with SXTN’s grungy hip-hop track Got A Hold Of Me,”a song that’s a little rough, little rowdy, and reminiscent of the 90s rap scene.

“It Can’t Get Any Better” is another track that is evocative of sounds of another time. Bodhisattva is a psychedelic rock band that provides listeners with a grooving rock that’s similar to songs from The Doors and The Flaming Lips.

Ari & The Alibis brings on the funk with the jazzy “Bon Appetit;” a blend of brass and rich, smooth vocals. The lyrics are full of bite and wit, complementing the strong trombone line, adding a delicious layer for the audience to savor.

“Sugar and Spice” picks up the pace with the fun and flavor of today’s boy bands. Catchy lyrics and a bouncy beat from the talented Nate Tao make this an obvious favorite for those who appreciate Top 40 tracks, and even those who do not. The simple ingredients of sugar and spice are undeniably delightful from this young singer and will leave any listener pressing repeat.

Natalie Major brings another dimension to the mixtape with captivating sultry vocals that are perfectly paired with her mellow downtempo track “The Rescue.” This is a folk/pop song that fans of artists like MoZella and Michelle Branch will appreciate. Major’s vocal stylings and emotionally fueled lyrics take listeners on a heartwarming journey.

“Next To You” is another touching song on Indie Anthems Vol. 6 NXNE, recommended for listeners who enjoy John Legend. Singer-Songwriter Rashon Medlock’s R&B track is a moving testament to a struggling relationship and the fight to help it survive another day. So beautifully simple, listeners will be singing along by the second chorus.

The downloadable mixtape is full of a variety of artists and genres to satisfy a variety of tastes. For listeners who are ready for their next favorite act, the Indie Anthems Vol. 6 NXNE offers them plenty of talent to choose from.

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