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Earlier this year Imagine Dragons won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance which proved that Rock is dead.  More recently, Lorde won the Billboard award for Best Rock Song which proved that God is dead.  Right now the only people publicly and repeatedly advocating the survival of Rock music are Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy.  I am not going to say anything negative about them because, again, they are the only ones that seem to be fighting the fight.  I will point out that their music doesn’t really have the balls that people once associated with Rock music.

lackpro-logo-400Bless his soul Steve Miller is still touring so if you just absolutely need Rock, there are plenty of old guys to go watch.  What if you want to see a new “up and coming” Rock star?  Do you go see Lorde in concert?  I wouldn’t recommend it.  I would however highly recommend that you buy a copy of Daisy the new compilation album on Lackpro Records .  If you like the Rock music that has balls, this is the album for you.

Daisy begins with the band Big Okie Doom delivering the song Whitey (a school shooting piece with a Leave It To Beaver twist).  With high energy and aggressive vocals, this is a phenomenal opening act.  Then Daisy lets you catch your breathe with the next track Under Currents by Brian Cagle.  After that she hits you in the face again with the song Ex Oh Ex by Brother Gruesome.  Track four is probably one of my favorite on the album.  It’s Gunsmoke by the band Skinny Bitches.  Check out their video.  Kudos to them.

Not all the songs on Daisy are “in your face.”  The song I Miss You by Teenage Daydreams leans more towards, well the dreamy side.  The song Fire With Me is a synth-pop approach to Rock with a catchy chorus.  I appreciated these intermissions.  Each are equally great songs, and after these brief breaks Daisy always comes back with more of the up tempo hits.

Other bands that deserve mentioning are Killer Gandhi, Psychotic Reaction, Wondernaut, and Sticky Stranglets.  I will admit I had to look up the word Stranglet.  The pop punk band 3 Dates Later gives us a rendition of the song Jumper.  They did a great job and their assertive approach feels more true to the song than the original delivery by Third Eye Blind.

I assume Lackpro Records has little to no budget.  The main thing that comes to my mind is, if a no budget indie label can find so much great Rock for one album, how come major labels can’t do the same?  Obviously they can.  So then why have major labels turned their back on Rock music?  Obviously there are fans that are willing to accept Fall Out Boy over nothing at all.

Either way, in the meantime, we have Lackpro Records filling the void.  If you are like me and sick of the reverb soaked soft rock crap that Pitchfork keeps trying to convince us is good, buy Daisy. You can first sample it on Soundcloud:

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