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Sarantos who has explored as many genres as is possible in each of his monthly releases, originally falls into the modern pop-rock genre, tinged with an 80s feel. This time around Sarantos takes his genre-bending attitude another step further with “A Country Song” which features a duet with a female performer!

“A Country Song” is his ninth single release in row. Sarantos has also been nominated for 2 awards for the upcoming International Music & Entertainment Awards on October 4th 2014—the categories are Rock Song of the Year and Pop Album of the Year.

“This is classic country song duet about a man and his wife,” says Sarantos. “They are absolutely in love with each other. Their love is strong in spite of the challenges of every daily life. This is a country song he wrote for her. They really get each other. It’s all so simple and easy, just as it should be. On this song, the vocal styles both contrast as well as complement each other in a very unique way!”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sarantos is a very gifted performer; we are all better off for his sharing his talents with us. “A Country Song” is very good; Sarantos does this with great sensitivity and I’m very impressed. The musical arrangement fits perfectly with his vocals and that of his female counterpart.

Sarantos has consistently written terrific songs, with a mix of heartfelt love songs, some inspirational and a couple of rousing tunes that will make you want to put your dancing shoes on. “A Country Song” is an awesome rendition of what you might call a more ‘tender’ song. It explores adult relationships from many viewpoints.

 “A Country Song” is a song of devotion that comes from love; it is all about the support needed in a relationship and not about simply winning each other’s hearts

The quality of the music is just what fans expect of Sarantos, even if the music is more traditional than usual. He has captured all that is basic to this genre: heartfelt emotions, story-telling lyrics, the right vocal line for the set of lyrics, just the right instrumentation and duet vocals to frame each unique verse and chorus

As he has sincerely done on each release, Sarantos is once again donating to a charitable cause. For “A Country Song,” Sarantos has chosen to donate 33% of any music related sales profits to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science.

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