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“Hater”, seems to be the single The SoapGirls aka Mie and Mille, have been working toward for much of the latter part of their careers. Whereas their previous label felt they should explore the more “poppy dance” side of their talents, The SoapGirls finally found a producer (Charlie Hamilton) willing to follow them down the path they’ve been trying to forge, and fortunately for all involved, “Hater”, shows this path may be the one destined for The SoapGirls all along.

the-soapgirls-300Mie and Mille were street performing at the ages of 9 and 10. Something they did every day for a full 8 years, to sell their handmade soap for different charities. The French-born sisters, who reside in sunny South Africa under the comfortable protection of its Mother City, Cape Town – home to soaring Table Mountain, golden beaches and bountiful vineyards – had their first taste of studio recording at the ages of 12 and 13.

Since then this sexy but demure songwriting and singing duo have never looked back, offering strong up-tempo tracks, and the occasional slower number, all accompanied with their unique and always impressive voices and performances. They managed to sculpt a career that resulted in The SoapGirls being signed to an important music label in the South African music industry.

But it’s not just about fame and fortune for these two creatively passionate souls. As much as they desired success, they wanted it on their terms. They wanted their enrapturing talent to shine through. They needed their sound to be built around sterling melodies, exceptional power and intelligent lyricism. They had a necessity to communicate a certain vibe in their music which could not be missed, a vibe able to even overshadow the sonic excellence of the music. Quite simply, The SoapGirls needed to be Mie and Mille…and not much else!

So without much ado, and a bucket-load of courage, they parted company from the comfort of an important label, to be exactly what they’ve always wanted to be – The SoapGirls!

The SoapGirls have now begun working on a sound meant to envelope the listener’s senses. It’s more urgent, aggressive and hits like an arrow straight to the heart. It’s awe-inspiring in the sense that the music can make your heart swell, your eyes mist and your brain race with a plethora of ideas. From their past, the girls have brought along the catchiness and pop sensibilities, but there is so much more ‘meat on the bone’ of “Hater”, compared to previous releases.

As soon as I heard “Hater”, I was instantly hooked. This is a new version of  The SoapGirls, better, stronger, smarter, and dare I say, classier, than ever before.  It is an all-round powerhouse song.

No, “Hater” is not perfect. How many songs do you know that are? But it’s damn near close! So why the 5 stars? What do I love so much about this single? In a word –growth!

It’s the sheer growth. It’s seeing two young, beautiful up-and-coming performing artists step out of what’s comfortable and safe, take a few risks and an even bigger step forward. I never thought they could come so far in just a few years from the very southern tip of Africa. This single is more complex, more thoughtful, deeper, more challenging, more clever and intelligent than anything else they’ve done.

Sensual and full of swag, their blonde-on-blonde, milk, honey and lime look, reaches way over and above, the shallow skin of vanity. The girls write music, play instruments, as well as sing and dance. In short, Mie and Mille aka The SoapGirls are a talented, extroverted exercise in modern power play. The quintessential expression of femme shine!

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