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CRYSAND: “Never Like A Dreamer”

Crysand are a new band that was created in 2011 by two experienced musicians, Andrea Iannello e Cristiano Grifoni, who have played many tours and have made various recordings prior to this experience. Their music is a mix of ep...


Oleg Prodeus is a singer/songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer, a multimedia artist and a filmmaker/director. He was born in the former Soviet Union and has been living and working in Vienna since 1990. He ha...


Daley Phillips: Explosive!

Daley/Phillips are a songwriting team from Boston, Massachusetts USA. Their musical roots run through the rock genre and expands it’s way outwards , embracing other forms and sounds. Be this alternative indie, pop or post...

Sierra Hurtt: “Stranger”

The daughter of award-winning rhythm and blues songwriter, Phil Hurtt, Sierra was immersed in the business of music from an early age. At her father’s knee, she learned the art and craft of composing the well-rounded pop son...

Tha SleepWalkers: “Sub-Conscience”

Rapper KEI-SHON-SON front man of the collective Hiphop project, “Tha SleepWalkers” has had a love for creating unique and memorable music from early on. At the tender age of 15, he started saving his money while wor...

Pia Dean: Upcoming UK Indie Songwriter!

Pia Dean is a new UK indie songwriter who works with guest vocalists and has musical influences that cross various genres. Including Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, KOL, and Beyonce amongst others....

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