Welcome to Review Indie. We have taken the absolute liberty, and step forward, in presenting our very own scorecard rating system for all things Indie!

On a daily basis our team will rate music albums, music videos and even music websites. Be it a personal artist website, a social network website, or music promotion community.

The Review Indie assessment team will initially be made up of:


Rick Jamm – CEO of the prestigious and successful Jamsphere Music Magazine & Rock Radio Network, geared towards promoting independent music.

Robbie Tee – Indie rock guitarist, songwriter and music producer. Over 20 years experience and with 250,000 song and album sales achieved during the last two-and-a-half years exclusively through internet.

Peter Burns – Freelance journalist. Internet and media marketing professional with over 15 years experience in the business.


We want to give Indie artists a new promotion vehicle that will get fans talking.  At times our ratings may seem devastating, whilst on other occasions they may be exhilarating. The key to remember is that this is simply a more colorful and visually stimulating method, of offering music related scorecard reviews to thousands of fans and industry insiders.

Review Indie, and it’s assessment team, does not in anyway pretend to be the definitive judge of your music, video or website,  but solely communicates subjective professional assessments of your works. So as to launch a certifiable basis for promotion, discussion and further evaluation by our readers, followers and fans of your works.

It is the purchaser and final user of your creation that always has the definitive word!

We think it’s just so much more qualifying, seeing a number or percentage, than just saying “good” or “bad”. We know that many of you will agree and eagerly look forward to seeing your music, video or website translated into pure numbers. Others may beg to differ, fearful of putting their talents on the line. We fully understand and comprehend your predicament.

Review Indie is certainly for talented but above all, brave-hearted musicians!

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