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Fresh Billz has music on all platforms!

Fresh Billz is an artist from Queens NY living in Maryland. He owns a label with his partners called GWAPPBOY MUSIC. The experienced Fresh Billz has been on tour with Terror Squad and music available on every platform. Stream Fresh Billz music on: Spotify Apple Music Spinrilla Mixtapez Connect with Fresh Billz on: Ig @billzybaby & @freshbillzfanpage 

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PerSwayZiv – “Richer Than a MUHFUCKA” – an ambitious lady with the will to win!

Born while her parents were still in high school, got hip-hop artist PerSwayZiv off to a different start, as she was raised by her grandparents who taught her all the important values of life. Respect, loyalty, resilience and strategy allowed her to move through the toughest parts of the hood in Prichard, Alabama. She started rapping at the age of 15, and has since travelled across the world to reach…

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Moonlight Drive Shakes Up Women’s Fiction Readers with Inspiring Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Story

Set during the decadent 1980s rock music scene, this A.R. Hadley novel engages readers with themes of love and redemption DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.—May 16, 2021—Author A.R. Hadley released her new novel, Moonlight Drive, this week. This work of women’s fiction enthralls readers with a challenging and compelling love story set in the decadent rock scene of the 1980s. Throughout the narrative, Hadley deals with themes of lost love, self-discovery, and…

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Papa Roy Foundation – “Can’t Stay Here” – Rich, colorful and undeniably creative

Following every move Papa Roy Foundation make is like being guided through a twisting universe of dancefloor groove, radio-pop melody, and streetwise rap; you don’t quite know where you’re going next, but you know that it’s a journey you’ve committed to and, above all, it’s immensely intriguing. What’s the appeal? Its retro-futuristic aesthetics and musical creativity combine to make something intensely addictive and satisfying, but it’s still inherently hard to put your…

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Philly Blocks ft. CinoFresh – “Movies” carries the charisma and skill necessary to leave a lasting impact

Nowadays rappers are everywhere, but only a select few of them are the real deal. Philly Blocks seem like he is on his way to the top tier listings of his craft – or at least he should be. The Louisville, KY rapper Philly Blocks comes together his fellow Team 563 artist, Cino Fresh on the track “Movies”, taken off the “Mr. 17th EP” project, and they blow it through…

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Madi Simmons is an award-winning reggae singer-songwriter

Madi Simmons is a reggae singer-song writer hailing from the United States, Madi Simmons is known to have entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out playing the drums, songwriting and singing. Throughout his life Madi’s key musical influences have been Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham , Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and that’s just to name a few……honestly, there are so many other influences,…

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Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Visions” builds towards crescendos which sound like a waves crashing

“Visions” instantly begins with uplifting and sweeping string parts while the drums crash and roll. The bass is warm and comforting instead of imposing, yet retains its rumbling insistence. A perfectly balanced arrangement of highs and lows, while the sound is tonally flawless. There are plenty of moments of intrigue and mystery which signal more to come. This track pulsates with life. It builds towards crescendos which sound like a waves…

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INTERVIEW: Mohammed Khisar Paika spreads awareness

Mohammed Khisar Paika is a practicing physician, singer/songwriter/composer, engineer, cantor as well as a Koran chanter, who specializes in world, spiritual, Islamic, fusion and eastern style music. He is of Indian descent, and the founder and managing director of One Essence Productions. Mohammed was born in Bombay, India and his family immigrated to the United States of America when he was 6 years old. At an early age, he started…

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INTERVIEW: 2 SEV7N keeps chasing the dream

2 SEV7N is a young Mexican artist from the Southside of Chicago. A young rising star receiving more than 100k+ views in each video. He has worked with major artists like King Ace, L’A Tone, Juicy J, and legendary Mc Juice, and Lil Cuete. His popular song “FiFi” brought the attention of Waka Flocka, Project Pat, and Chicago Native Bo Deal. Can you tell us a bit about where you…

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INTERVIEW: St. Pablo – crafts razor-sharp and whip-quick narratives

A sonic storyteller inspired by a long and winding life, St. Pablo combines the crisp bars of the Windy City with a southern insouciance straight from the streets of Atlanta. The Pink Prince is on the prowl: for money, for love AND for clout. Inspired by the new generation of greats, St. Pablo crafts razor-sharp, whip-quick narratives based in the back-and-forth of lived experiences. This isn’t the music you swipe…